Keep Moving

My partner was watching a quick youtube video yesterday about a professional body builder who is recovering from semi-paralysis (waist-down). Initially I was disinterested, but this man made an excellent point. He was talking about how in life, you have to always keep moving. When you are moving towards something then things start opening up for you. When you are stagnant, it seems like life isn’t bringing anything to you, but as long as you keep moving, seemingly impossible things will manifest themselves in your life. 

I mentioned in my last post all of the family, financial, and mental health issues my partner and I were experiencing last year, this went on from around March to September. I finished my degree in October, and then we started making plans to move across the country. There were ups and downs, one failed attempt to make it to Alberta, a period where we lived separately for financial reasons, and then finally we arrived here successfully March 12. 

During this time that we essentially existed as victims, there were few successes in our life. It was not a total losing time in our life, though some days it certainly felt like it. Only upon making a drastic change and taking a risk, removing ourselves from the situation we were in, did things really start moving. I did two university courses in two months; graduated. My partner planned and completed a move to Alberta, though ending in failure, achieved much more in two months than he had all year. It then only took 3 months to re-plan a trip for us to move all of our belongings and find a place to live. In two weeks since arriving in this new city, he has one job and I have two. We have daycare, a babysitter, and everything else in place. In two weeks I have achieved more than I have in six months. 

And there lies the difference. When you are taking action, things open up for you. I don’t believe that I am such a great catch that people are swooning and offering me jobs. It’s because I never stopped taking action, because I had a plan and a goal. I have been very blessed, not only to find work, but to find work with great people and opportunity. Time after time we put ourselves in situations that need to go perfectly to plan, and they do. We make ourselves vulnerable to the universe, and each time we are met with blessing after blessing. 

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