Anger as Strength

Anger comes in many forms, but often poses itself as strength. By embodying the beholder as larger, louder, fierce or even dangerous, the subject can forcefully attempt to satisfy the emotional upset that spurred on the rage in the first place. Anger is attempting to take by force. Angry people expend copious amounts of energy attempting to steal other’s, to balance with a surplus. But anger presented as strength is surely indicative of weakness.  

Those who are both angry and weak sway between two emotional opposites. In all the glory of their weakness, they tip toe through life. Their insecurity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Timidly approaching situations of no importance with the weight of a thousand requests. Yet, moments of grave importance skim the surface of their emotional well. Their uneasiness gives other people that creepy feeling of passive aggressiveness, that always leaves loved ones with an intuitive sense of distrust.  

With time, the victim mentality stealthily immerses itself into the conscious mind, persuading other thoughts that acquaintances, friends, and family are taking advantage and for granted. Self righteousness rises, initiating a rising cascade of resentful thoughts and arguments. The shell hardens and, as a saviour, anger takes over. Anger serves to protect. Anger dutifully retrieves the pieces of the self that had been given as indignant obligations but were ignorantly received as generous favours. Anger fills the void and repays the debts. Anger sugar coats personal flaws and pairs them with sanctimonious, fictional traits. Anger rises up a weak person as alcohol instills courage in a tiny man. In the same way as the later, anger is an addiction and a drug. 

There is no greater sign of personal weakness than anger as strength. It is the last resort of the ego to protect itself. Consider, last resort is to have no other options available: this person is depleted of personal security and spiritual energy. This is the type of anger that should not be addressed by the receiver: to respond is to breathe life into the fire. Perceive this false strength for what it is: weakness, and meet weakness with compassion. 

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