A Blah Blog Post

This is a blah blog post. Not pretentious. Not thought out. They say “begin as you mean to continue” but this certainly does not apply to the creative process. In business, sure. Athletics, sure. Creating healthy habits, sure.

The creative process is a slow marinade of the neurons in the right hemisphere of the brain. Writing takes hours of reading and days of thinking. Writing, re-reading, agonizing over single words in a whole paragraph.

This is the first post on my blog, and the amount of time it took me to write this is the extent of the effort I am allowing myself to put in. I refuse to sit and stare at a new wordpress account thinking of some great thing to write my *first* blog post about.

Begin as you mean to go on  – write soommeeethinnggggggg –  does not have to be spectacular, just write. My first blog post is a blah blog post, hope you enjoyed it.

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